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The subjects

The research that I have conducted for my book Plato’s Visual Utopia, revealed an enormous amount of articles and writings about Plato and the Republic. I include here links to articles of interest in Plato and his famed dialogue. I have included only links to sources that deal, in my view, with the most important subjects of Plato’s dialogue. In particular, I make reference to the following subjects: Justice, State, Individual, Education, Virtues and Art.

The Links

The Republic by Plato – Project Guttenberg | Plato Biography – Britannica | Plato’s Five Regimes – Fact/Myth Blog | The Republic by Plato – Spark Notes | Plato: Political Philosophy – Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy | Plato: The Failure of Democracy – Frostburg State University | Plato’s Ethics and Politics in the Republic – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy | Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – S. Marc Cohen University of Washington | ‘The Allegory of the Cave’ by Plato: Summary and Meaning – Philosophyzer | Plato: A Theory of Forms – David Macintosh in Philosophy Now | Plato: The State and the Soul – Philosophy Pages | Analyzing the Theme of Justice in Plato’s “Republic” – Owlcation | Plato’s Republic: On the Tripartite Soul – Investing in the Classics | The three-part soul – Berkeley | Plato’s Theory of Education – Your Article Library | Plato’s Theory of Education – Countercurrents | What are the four Cardinal Virtues – ThoughtCo. | Plato (on art) – Rowan University

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Featured image, “Sculpture of Plato” – Photograph by Daniel Heller.