Plato Totalitarian

Was Plato a Totalitarian? In the Republic, Plato debates and defines the nature of the just Individual and just State. It is important to note that, Individual and State [...]

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Plato’s Education Theory

Plato's Education Theory The philosophy The Republic of Plato is perhaps the first treatise on education. “To get a good idea of public education, read Plato’s Republic. It is [...]

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Plato’s Dystopia

PLATO'S DYSTOPIA In his Republic, Plato debated a dream. By many counts, he saw a potential for a better State where he dreamed of constructing Kallipolis with his interlocutors. [...]

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Plato’s Academia

PLATO'S ACADEMIA Plato contributed immensely to Western philosophy. And also to Western education. In 387 BC he established an Academy in Athens. This was the first known school of [...]

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